Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Arizona trip

I thought I'd try the Blogpress app on my phone to post a few pics from our quick trip to Arizona last week. It was the perfect place to recharge our batteries and to put things in perspective..

The last picture is from Montezuma and shows Sinagua Indian dwellings from 1000 years ago, when they thought it was easier to build in the rocks than to build walls...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Simon Shubert: Folded Paper

I have been into whites lately - not that I want to see any snow though...

German artist Simon Schubert made an edition of 100 views of a historic villa (in Germany? not sure as I can't read German but see here), folding paper:

all photos (c) Simon Schubert
found via the French Etsy blog here
Now that I think about it, may be he didn't fold the paper - could it be pressure from the back? Anybody speaks German out there? Help... Anyhow, pretty impressive no matter what.

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