Friday, July 6, 2012

Mini Ceramics Workshop with Ingrid Bathe

I just come back from a mini ceramic workshop with Ingrid Bathe in Edgecomb, Maine. It was my first time working with clay, and I loved it! I worked mainly with porcelain which is what Ingrid uses most, I loved how thin you could get it and the feel of it. Not sure what will survive the firing though, I hear I went a bit thin on most pieces :). If they survive, I'm going have a lot of bowls because I kept trying to do taller shapes, like tumblers or glasses, but the height was the most difficult to get and each time I'd end up with another bowl or a pot..

Of course what I really need is cups but oh well...

Ingrid was a fantastic teacher, and a very sweet person. She made us these delicious lunch every day, which we got to share with the chickens of the house:

If you are not familiar with Ingrid's work, you can see it on her website here. I love the simplicity of her pieces, mostly white and pinched.

A huge thank you to Lari Washburn for making this possible. I can't wait to see a post on her blog about her new ceramic work, it looked amazing. Be sure to check it out..

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