Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sharon Etgar Thread Drawings

I'm so looking forward to see this show of Sharon Etgar's work at Davis & Langdale in New York.

The Tel Aviv artist makes what looks like very spontaneous drawings with thread on ledger pages.

As she explains, “(they are) for me… like a diary of feelings and moods translated to colors. Like dancing with the hands.... moments when shape or color create an expression of my feelings, memories or thoughts, are better than most of things... I know that these threads in their colors and drawings are for me exactly like words… my thoughts and secrets will stay there… the back sides of many of them are very important to me. Sometimes more than the front, more than the conscious side..... The conversation between the two sides is how I feel inside.”

Each work here shows the front and the back. To me, they look a bit like landscapes (maps of her mind?) and I can't help  thinking of how meditative it must be to make them. I absolutely love them..

Etgar also makes beautiful collages and drawings which you can see on her website there.
The thread drawings will be exhibited from March 26 til April 20. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Glimpses of my studio

Huge thanks to Justine from Designskool  for taking the time to visit me in my South End studio last week, and then writing a beautiful post.  Her natural talent for photography is making the space look fabulous - not that it isn't, but it always feels a bit more cluttered :). Here are a few pictures from her blog but be sure to visit it here for more gorgeous shots, as well as her other always beautiful posts.

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