Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caroline Swift Ceramic and Glass Work

I have a soft spot for bone china because it looks so delicate, often almost translucent, yet quite resistant. I particularly love it when it's unadorned like the pieces Caroline Swift makes:

(c) Caroline Swift - Bone china spoons

(c) Caroline Swift - Bone china bowls

I want them all! And what better way to present them.. love the simlicity of it all. So pure. She also makes these beautiful installation in glass:

(c) Caroline Swift - Hanging Sculpture - Glass

(c) Caroline Swift - Hanging glass sculpture

(c) Caroline Swift - Hand painted glass bauble

See more on her website here (you can even buy them there :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Work in Progress

Just a little over 3 weeks til the annual South End Open Studios... and with a couple of trips already planned, time is going to fly..

I am keeping busy in the studio trying to finish miscellaneous projects, such as this leather lace pillow made out of piece of leather I found in NY a few months back:

The leather seems to have been lasercut and printed (light drawing lines that outline the cut motifs). It's really beautiful but too thin to make a bag or a garment so there, a pillow will do :).

Also, very much into clutches these days so I made this one out of brown leather than has a bit of an antique finish (I still have to shoot it to put up on Etsy..):

And I started working with the new leathers I got for the fall. I am getting a bit frustrated with my sewing machine when the leather is very soft so I doing more hand-stitching. Here's the first bag I made:

That picture is taken with the Iphone so it doesn't show the color well but it's a warm grey which I'm totally in love with..

Also just put this new Ipad Case in the Etsy shop:

I'm thinking of doing some in different leathers for men, maybe?

In the meantime, that one is having a great time:

even if he often hates to admit it:

Oops Master Pouter
Man..I hope I come back as him if I do..

Friday, August 19, 2011

29 ways to be creative...

Just found this on PoppyTalk and thought it pretty much sums it up...



Nothing we don't know but a good reminder of all the little steps to keep taking.

I already cleaned up my studio this week so that's one down. Making lists I do all the time but the challenge is to then do what's on the list (it doesn't say what to do about that). Listen to new music sounds good - I'll create some new Pandora stations today (a bit stuck on Cat Power and Regina Spektor's radios these days..).  Stay away from computer is going to be the hardest one YET the one I feel is the most needed! I already forgot the 20 + other steps but that's a start :)
So there - now off to studio to have fun...

p.s.: #11 is one of the best advice I got from an art teacher once: surround yourself by creative people.

What works best for you??

Happy Friday all.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oooooooooohhh - and.. the thing about Tumblr..

Just found that picture of this amazing installation on Tumblr at Design is for Living. I love the airiness / bubbliness of it all.. BUT was totally unable to find who it's by... That's the thing about Tumblr... I started using it (see the Stitch and Tickle Tumblr page here) because it's an amazing (mindblowing?) database of images that allows you to re-post so easily BUT (again), it's so easy that often you can't find where it's coming from - and two hours later, you've lost two perfectly good hours in Tumblrland... instead of making / creating  something...

Anyhow, check it out (click here to scroll down or there for the archive) and let me know what you think. Where do you look for inspiration? Do you prefer Pinterest? Wishpot? What do you use the most? Would love to hear from you. I also need to plan some advertising for the store on various blogs and websites this fall - which do you like the most or think would be the best fit?  I could really use your input!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ann Weber Cardboard Sculptures

Every time I walk past a pile of cardboard on the sidewalk I think I've got to figure out something to do with that waste... California based sculptor Ann Weber makes these gigantic sculptures out of cardboard boxes:

All photographs (c) Ann Weber

Love the scale...

Weber has a ceramic background but started working in cardboard to avoid the "cumbersome process of clay" and after seeing Frank Gehry's cardboard furniture

She is featured in Hand/Eye Magazine online this week:  

"In building her sculptures, Weber uses three simple tools: a stapler, box cutter and shellac. Most of the cardboard she uses have been found in dumpsters and when asked about the size of her pieces she simply replies, “I'm interested in how big you can make something before it collapses.” Her process is simple: Weber cuts the cardboard into strips and then weaves them into podlike shapes. To hold them together she staples the strips, adds a coat of shellac or polyurethane. For heavier and sturdier pieces she forgoes the shellac and bronzes the structures". Piece of cake :)

Read more on Hand/Eye online here or visit her webiste there.  And think twice next time you put those boxes in the recycle bin..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to work... with PoppyTalk Handmade!

My niece and nephew left this week end after a fun-filled (and exhausting :) vacation; who knows what they will remember the most - the food (burgers, hot dogs, getting sick..), New York or Newbury Comics but I think they had a good time... I loved having them but am glad to go back to the studio today. 

AND I was delighted to learn that the Stitch and Tickle Store got selected to be in the Poppytalk Handmade market.

Here are some of my favorites from their selection this month:

Visit  here to find all links to these beautiful things and much more!

And check out this tutorial for this perfect pouf which I am going to have to make for myself :

Allright.. back to work!  More soon..

Monday, August 1, 2011

In love with Jellyfish..

From the Aquarium in Boston today - just stunning...

And these:

remind me of those (hair installation by Nance Davies)

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