Friday, December 31, 2010

Material World at Mass Moca

The exhibition "Material World" consisted of massive installations by seven artists that totally transformed the gallery space using huge quantities of materials such as ropes, paper, aluminum, etc.  The fact that some of the installations were a bit deja vues didn't make them less impressive:

Orly Genger (b.1979) - Big Boss - Rope & paint

Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen (b. 1979 & 1976) - White Stag - Paper & wood:

Tobiah Putrih (b.1972), Re-projection: Hoosac, Monofilament & spotlights:

Alyson Shotz (b. 1974) - The Geometry of light- Plastic Fresnel lens sheets, silvered glass beads and stainless steel wire:

Read more about the exhibition and artists here.

There also was a great exhibition / installation of Petah Coyne's work but you couldn't take pictures so you'll have to go see for yourself.. Here's just a taste to give you an idea:



  1. You must have thought you died and went to heaven! I didn't know this was the exhibit that was on at MassMoCa! Didn't you just want to dive in and get lost in all that wool!

  2. I know, that's exactly how you felt - like diving in!

  3. Wow, perfect timing for your visit, right up your alley. They always seem to have the most incredible shows there. One of these days ....


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