Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ipad Drawings

Ok, this is NOT the day when I should be talking about the iPad since they JUST released a new version  today while mine is just a month old... BUT I received the last NewYorker yesterday and it had - again, an iPad painting by David Hockney:

As I sat down to read the magazine, I decided to first do my own version, with my snow boots (yes, we do still wear those around here, in a brisk 19 degrees weather):

Voila! Could clearly work more on the textures but not bad for a first, no? It took 5 minutes with the Sketchbook Pro App.  I am thinking of using it to losen up a bit because it's somehow much easier than on paper; you feel less committed to the marks, can add layers up and down, etc. To be continued..


  1. My, yet another way to make art. I'm still wrapping my head around the iphone!

  2. tu t'es offert un Ipad? c'est cool le chômage!


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