Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do Something, Do Anything (Sol Lewitt to Eva Hesse)

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted but have been super busy "doing" things, with the Art for Japan fundraiser coming up this Friday, and the few new projects I set out to do all at the same time:

I am toying (again) with the idea of opening an online store, and decided to go back to jewelry making. I found these few pieces that I made a few years ago, and they go me inspired to start again:

I have been playing with teeshirts and swaddling on a jewelry scale and want to experiment with mixing in other components such as metal or beads. Right now it looks like this:

I also started knitting this panel with paper yarn that I found at Habu last week:

Oh, and when in New York, I found some super soft leather hides that I couldn't resist.. and want to make bags or accessories with. I'll post pictures soon, it's very much "work in progress" with all the struggles that come with it : )
So voila.. a bit scattered, aren't I? I enjoyed watching this little clip this morning, based on a letter from Sol Lewitt to Eva Hesse , and I feel I'm doing plenty of "something" and "anything" :)

I hope it all comes together at some point..


  1. Lovely post; your knitting is fabulous. That video struck a real chord too.......thank you!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! You put me to shame with your beautiful art and your determination and your humor. So glad I know you.

  3. Thank you all. Very sweet of you!

  4. Yes, this is my favorite conversation between two artists! I reread it often and take it to heart! Sounds like you have too! Lots of great work going on in your studio these days. Be free!


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