Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Process Goes Public" and the beginning of a new body of work

From December through January, I was invited to participate in an exhibition at the Mills Gallery with 8 other artists from my studio building. The show was a bit unusual as it meant to show the creative process of each artist instead of finished work. I was reluctant to participate at first; I thought that one can be in a rather vulnerable place when creating and to put yourself on the public square at that time could be a bit scary and inhibiting. On the other hand, Debra Olin, who curated the show, convinced me that I would enjoy an empty space, away from my leather work and I welcomed the opportunity to dedicate time to work on something new. Had I not committed to the show, I would have started designing a spring collection of bags, so it felt like a treat to move into a brand new space, empty of anything but what I chose to bring down to work on. 

Here are some pics of what happened during that month..

I started from these soft sculptures I made a couple of years back, thinking it would be cool to make some big ones that would transform the space. For some reason, I felt compelled to weave so I made yarn out of used t-shirts.

It quickly became obvious that it would take time to finish even one.. luckily, some of the BCA interns were keen to help out. Here, Helen started building the second piece while I kept weaving on the first one.

As time went, I was weaving tighter and tighter (when do you stop???), and it took a life of its own. 

The second one is much wider and might not be totally finished yet, but I like all the empty space, maybe in reaction to the first one that is woven so tight:


Et voila.. I like the shadows they projected on the wall - a life of their own too. 
I'm now looking forward to make a few more, see where they go.. Stay tuned!



  1. Sophie! These are so wonderful! I just love what you did. Amazing. I've not been on Facebook for ages and I thought you'd abandoned this space, so had not seen! We must talk soon. XOXOXO

  2. What a great idea for a show! And I love what you're up to! I understand that liberating feeling you must have going from functional craft to pure art. Both are wonderful mediums. You were playing around with this idea when you did your residency last year, it's nice to see it developing. Have fun!


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