Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lari Washburn

Did I ever mention how much I LOVE my friend Lari in Maine.. well guess what, her blog is as beautiful as she is.. and I can NOT get enough of her new paintings:

I love to visit her blog to see what inspires her, and how her work evolves. It has been fascinating to follow her daily drawings, such as her soap bubbles 

or those which have motifs  I love to find again in her paintings

Oh, and she also brags about the beautiful places she visits and the great food she eats, but I don't mind drooling over my computer because I too have good food and get to see beauty..

Visit her here and let me know what you think!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Lari's work is so beautiful! And, once again, love your style and taste.

  2. Oh dear dear friend! What a sweet and funny and touching post! Did not know until this morning when kathryn clark visited me on flickr. Ditto everything you said about me back to you...especially the xox!

  3. It was fun to put it up!! your paintings are indeed stunning!


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