Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nothing wrong with big ears..

When I got Oops 9 years ago, someone in the street commented that he would hopefully grow into his ears...  I remember being shocked because I thought he was absolutely perfect.. what were they talking about???

Nine  years later, I obviously still think he is perfect, but must admit that he did grow into his ears... a little bit...

However, his new girlfriend (Lucy the bat) is full grown and, to my delight, still has big ears: 

Yesterday I found this childhood picture.. I wonder if that explains my taste for big ears...

I'm on the right... I hope I too did grow into my ears... 


  1. Excellent !!! et bien amené !
    C'est dingue, ya que vous qui avez des oreilles énormes et décollées, moi elles sont parfaites !
    Je ne comprends pas... il aurait donc fallu 2 essais avant d'atteindre la perfection ?

  2. non mais attend, les miennes elles sont parfaites aussi maintenant, hein?!!!

  3. oui mais c'est pas naturel, hein ?
    Aaaaahhh la chirurgie esthétique a fait de gros progrès tout de même !

  4. je vois pas du tout de quoi vous parlez! et y a un accroc à ma frange!

  5. Oh my God...what little cuties you and your sis were!!!! Not to mention the cuteness of Oops and Lucy. I must say you are all in perfect proportion now.

  6. So cute those ears and that face...both of you. ;) Came by from the BYW class. Enjoyed the art inspiration and cute dogs. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great photo of you! Your dog is also adorable. Childhood was so awkward, no?

  8. Hello fellow BYW classmate! This post cracked me up, because I too had to grow into my ears.. like you, at least I *hope* I did! ;)

  9. So do I :)!!!
    Thanks for visiting - just visited your blog, it looks great and I could get addicted!Keep it up!


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