Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Road Trip 1958

One of my uncle found these old pictures of a roadtrip my Vietnamese grandmother took with her 6 children (!) to Italy in 1958. I love how they reflect a whole era, and really show what happy times those must have been.

I'm fondly remebering my dad today, who would have turned 74:

I think I got the travel bug from him.


  1. Great photos! Sweet photos of your dad!

  2. Phantastic photos and it looks like as if everyone had a real great time, it makes me say: Yes please, me too!

  3. I LOVE these images and the story they tell about your dad and your family. Beautiful!

    :) Cathy

  4. Thanks everyone. It did look like a fun trip!

  5. Such amazing photos Sophie. Your Dad passed along more than the travel bug to you...how about those good looks and that great style!!? XOXO

  6. Moi aussi j'ai le bug... donc oui, ça doit venir de lui !!


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