Friday, April 1, 2011

Paul Edmunds Linocut in MOMA "Impressions from South Africa" Exhibition

That print alone is going to make a trip down to MOMA worthwhile:

The same, but different. Linocut
Found via Pinterest 

"A single line travels from the top of this piece to its bottom, tracing a path which starts out relatively uniform, subsequently becomes chaotic and then slowly returns to its more linear state."

I also found this amazing piece on his website, made of discarded styrofoam cups in which he handcut arrows:

Impressions from South Africa, 1965 to Now. March 23-August 14, 2011 at MOMA. More info here.


  1. OOooohhhh, so nice! must check out now! Thanks for the link. Hope your trip was nice!

  2. Boy does that look great. I will also check it out.


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