Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caroline Swift Ceramic and Glass Work

I have a soft spot for bone china because it looks so delicate, often almost translucent, yet quite resistant. I particularly love it when it's unadorned like the pieces Caroline Swift makes:

(c) Caroline Swift - Bone china spoons

(c) Caroline Swift - Bone china bowls

I want them all! And what better way to present them.. love the simlicity of it all. So pure. She also makes these beautiful installation in glass:

(c) Caroline Swift - Hanging Sculpture - Glass

(c) Caroline Swift - Hanging glass sculpture

(c) Caroline Swift - Hand painted glass bauble

See more on her website here (you can even buy them there :)


  1. I have been loving her work and love the photos just as much! It's all pure art!

  2. so beautiful! I can see why you love her so much---glad you shared.


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