Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ann Weber Cardboard Sculptures

Every time I walk past a pile of cardboard on the sidewalk I think I've got to figure out something to do with that waste... California based sculptor Ann Weber makes these gigantic sculptures out of cardboard boxes:

All photographs (c) Ann Weber

Love the scale...

Weber has a ceramic background but started working in cardboard to avoid the "cumbersome process of clay" and after seeing Frank Gehry's cardboard furniture

She is featured in Hand/Eye Magazine online this week:  

"In building her sculptures, Weber uses three simple tools: a stapler, box cutter and shellac. Most of the cardboard she uses have been found in dumpsters and when asked about the size of her pieces she simply replies, “I'm interested in how big you can make something before it collapses.” Her process is simple: Weber cuts the cardboard into strips and then weaves them into podlike shapes. To hold them together she staples the strips, adds a coat of shellac or polyurethane. For heavier and sturdier pieces she forgoes the shellac and bronzes the structures". Piece of cake :)

Read more on Hand/Eye online here or visit her webiste there.  And think twice next time you put those boxes in the recycle bin..


  1. Absolutely amazing....I will never look at cardboard the same. Perhaps I'll never recycle a cardboard box in the traditional way.

  2. I know.. it makes you think, doesn't it? thanks for visiting!

  3. Yowza! Now I feel guilty for all the cardboard we just recycled! Those are incredible!!

  4. Thank you to whoever writes this blog for the lovely thoughtful article about my work. all the best love, Ann weber

  5. You're most welcome Ann Weber, it was great to discover your work! Thanks for the inspiration


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