Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Los Talleres - Day 13 (already??) - New Work in Progress

I found these natural fiber scrubbing pads the other day at the market and had to get a few.. love their soft white color, and they just seemed to be piles of threads rolled up together and flattened in shape.
They seem to call for some stitching and they've started to morph into a shape of their own:  

It does seem that I'm more and more drawn to work in 3D. The netting has been recurring too - I started collecting nets a couple of years back and now seem to want to make some type of my own, over things or between things.. I think of the weavings on the small branches as netting too.I think I"m going to try to experiment with different kind of stitches too.

Hard to believe I'm almost at half time here..

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  1. i love what you've done with these fibers!!so beautiful and delicate like a nesting-vase?!! if that's a word :)
    the air in los talleres must be magical and inspiring.

  2. thank you Deanna and Kim. Having the time to explore with no goal in mind is a real treat!

  3. Wow, Sophie, quite impressive! It's the artist's eyes that notice things others don't. I could see an entire series coming out of this!

  4. hello ! très sympa, c'est marrant on dirait des mini abat-jours...
    J'aime bien le mélange des fibres...
    Bisous à toi...c'est vrai que ça passe vite !

  5. You are really getting in there now! I love these Sophie. I just saw one on Pinterest and pinned it to my artist board, so you will go viral any minute! XO

  6. These are wonderful! Thank you for posting the images.

  7. I think these are entirely beautiful and hope they grow into an interesting series. Just new to your blog but think it's really great.


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