Thursday, March 29, 2012

Soaps from Olive and Oud

I was delighted to receive these soaps from Olive & Oud yesterday - another reminder to buy handmade.. They are wonderfully scented and look beautiful! Laura Natusch, the shop owner and maker, is an ex-painter who decided to become a soap maker strolling through a farmer's market in Brattleboro, VT. She fell in love with scents, and has become an expert at mixing various essences to make these deliciously scented soaps. You can read about her fascinating process and interests here. I really enjoyed reading about her inspiration (which includes Vietnamese food - no wonder I had to buy  her soaps!)  and how she gets to a final product.

Laura has been following this blog for a while, and knowing my love for old fabrics, included the lovely piece of old kimono silk fabric you see in the background. I can't help feeling so very lucky to be surrounded / followed by generous, creative and talented people like her. Really.

Visit her store here to see the subtle scents she has concocted.


  1. yummy... connaissais pas ce mot !
    mais je suis d'accord, ils sont mignons comme tout (perso, je n'en mangerai pas quand même)

  2. Thanks for the information and link!

  3. Sophie, thank you! It took me a while to pop in and visit your blog because I've been working extra hours this month, but what a sweet surprise. I'm so happy you like the soaps, as I've been in awe of and inspired by your work for so long.
    -- Laura


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