Friday, April 13, 2012

New Sheila Hicks Exhibition at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. - Apr 20 - May 25, 2012

Another trip to New York seems to be de rigueur for this newly opened exhibition of Sheila Hicks at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. in Chelsea, on view through May 25, 2012. It seems there will be some of her newer pieces that were not included in her retrospective last year, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what she's been up to.

You can read more about the show here and let me know if you get to see it before I do!


  1. I LOVE that roundish piece, something completely new from her. How lucky you are to live so close to NY!

  2. Boy would I love to see this show!

  3. Sophie, I love the necklace but I love YOUR work too...I took a little trip here.

  4. Hi, Sophie. Thanks for showing some of Sheila Hicks' work, which I love. Looks like a marvelous show.
    best, nadia


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