Friday, June 22, 2012

The Hazel Brown Collection - Sweetest Video Ever

Kathie from  RIPEGOODS kindly introduced me to this amazing video (stitching addicts beware, this is  overload for your senses):

 See the Hazel Brown Collection here.

 It is so inspiring to me to see that one could design a collection of clothes and do something that creative and beautiful at the same time. While I have been enjoying making the leather bags, I do miss making art and wish I could balance the two like she does. Certainly a goal at the top of my list..

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. pas mal ! travail minutieux ! bon, moi j'aurais choisi l'image par image pour les scènes de mouvements mais ça donne aussi un effet sympa avec les fils.
    Bisous à toi !

  2. What a wonderful video! Thanks for sharing this. Enormous work put into it, such talent!
    best, nadia

  3. Beautiful video - and amazing clothes - thanks for showing this. Christine


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