Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

Embroidery thread on cotton, glass beads, approx.
4 x 2 3/4 in.

Oh boy do I wish I could be in Oaxaca right now, celebrating the Day of the Dead... I've been going every year for the last 5 years but never for this holiday which is probably one of the biggest celebration there. I love the idea of celebrating the deads in a joyful fashion and welcoming their spirit back to your life for the occasion.  Maybe next year... In the meantime, I found a few pictures on Flickr here and there; here are some of my favorites:

All above photographs (c) Glen Van Etten
 The top photograph was actually a student art project to commemorate the women killed along the Texas/Mexico border & each skull has the name of one woman killed in the Juarez, Mexico area. Read more about that here.

But I'm moving away from the JOYOUS spirit here... so some more pictures...

Above two photographs Copyright Luis M. Valdez M.

Above three photographs Copyright Christophe Morrisset

 Again, you can see more pictures on Flickr. Also a sweet video of the party in Oaxaca here.

And now, off to honor my own dead, with a glass of vino (in lieu of sugar skulls)...

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  1. Love the post! All the color and joy is very uplifting! It's beautiful that the dead can do that.xo


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