Monday, November 15, 2010

A soft spot for bundles....

(c) India Flint via Flickr

I can't quite explain it but I keep being drawn to bundles..

(c) Marchi Wierson via Flickr

(c) Abigail Thomas via Flickr

My very own teabag tags bundle..

And I looove bunches of bundles:

(c) BelleOcchio via Flickr

(c) Knitalette via Flickr
I even like what looks like bundles, but isnt' really bundles...

(c) Ginette Lapalme via Flickr

(c) Abigail Doan via Flickr
 What is it about them? The use of thread(s) - to which I confess being addicted to... A sense of security, or warmth? Or maybe it's because they make you think of swaddled babies? Oh boy... And it gets worse:
I just read in the dictionary that "Bundling  (1781) was  "sharing a bed for the night, fully dressed, wrapped up with someone of the opposite sex" was a former local custom in Wales and New England." Hmmmm...


  1. These are beautiful stuff for me to check out!

  2. I like bundles too. It reminds me of cuddling...
    very nice selection you've go here!

  3. I have the same weakness. I have a little collection of remnant thread bundles, made by chance but such beautiful color combinations. I think there is a even a cordage and binding group on Flikr. We're not alone!

  4. binding group? i will have to check this out! thanks for including my little bundles on your blog; i also love abigail doan's work too; her bundles give me such joy to behold.

  5. I love your tea bag bundles. Found you on Blogging Your Way. Keep up the good work.


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