Thursday, November 4, 2010


Don't you just love the sound of it... Mochimochi... It sounds like those gooey rice cakes you eat in Japanese restaurants, sticky on the outside and ice cream or sweet paste in the middle.. yum! Well, don't let your taste buds or stomach fool you.. Mochimochi seems to be a whole other world that has grown out of Brooklyn, where, excuse my French, the proverb "Tout ce qui est petit est mignon" (all that is tiny is cute) rules... 

From what I could gather, it was started by master knitter Anna Hracovech in 2007, in Brooklyn, as "a place where knitted toys and people can live together in a spirit of tolerance". Here's some of what came out of it:

Tiny bat

Tiny Boos

Tiny Earcorns

Tiny Chef

Tiny Cowboy

Tiny Cowby with Cactus (of course)

Tiny Donut

Tiny Strawberry

And some of my very favorites:

Tiny Bedbugs (!!)

Tiny Acorn - French (ben oui!)

Tiny French Fries
The Mochimochi world is  much bigger and you can see a lot more of its inhabitants on Flickr, as well as on the Mochimochi website. And wait.. the Mochimochi motto is  "Let's make happy"  so how can you go wrong with that...  -  If you feel so inclined, super Anna even released a book this year, which you can buy  here, as well as some patterns for you to make your own Mochimochi thing.. If you're fast, you could even participate in the Mochimochi photo contest - the deadline is November 15.

I myself will stick to my newly acquired No. 17 knitting needles and make (yet) another chunky scarf (nothing to do with not wanting to make happy BUT I already have plenty of time-consuming, detailed, obsessive compulsive work on my plate :)

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