Wednesday, January 19, 2011

50 Great Voices to Listen to While Working

I always like listening to the radio when I work and I've really been enjoying the archives of  50 Great Voices  on NPR these last couple of days; They include some of my heroes such as

and quite a few others.. I must have latin blood. Maybe it's because they evoke warmth... sun.. in other words, the opposite of this, which is what we've been getting in Boston...

It quickly turns in piles of  yellow and black snow in the city but we don't care  because it also gives us is.. which is much nicer to look at...


  1. Whoa ... okay, I guess I'm a snow wimp .. actually I've only ever seen snow fall once in my life, two weeks ago. Those are impressive photos and it looks very, very cold! Thanks for that link, I'll be checking these out!

  2. I'm a wimp too when it comes to cold and/or snow... and you should see what we're getting today, another 8" I think.. Good thing I like to work from home!

  3. I really like your snow photos!


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