Friday, January 21, 2011

Hero of the Month: Swoon or a Force of Nature...

I only recently discovered Brooklyn artist Swoon (see a lot of her street/wheat paste painting work here) in the documentary Our City Dreams and was blown away by her raft projects where she, with some fellow artists, built several rafts/floating devices with junk and set out to travel on the Mississippi, the
Hudson river and lastly the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia all the way to Venice for the 2009 Biennale:

Photos and info via Inhabitat

I loved the strong nothing-is-impossible  feeling that emanated from her (even it if kind of made me wonder what on earth I am wasting my time on when I could try to do some of  what she does..).

 Today I found this video of her speaking at Ted Talks (via Paper Monster) and was once again inspired by her energy. She stirred some of my long standing urge to do some humanitarian work when she talked about her most recent experience in Haiti building houses for the victims of the earthquake (yes, I warn you, you too will start feeling like you are accomplishing nothing..), and what it means to her:  

"If you break a rule over here and move a boundary overthere, have a moment of creative play, create a thing of beauty, through all these actions and combined with a lot of dedication, you start to create little cracks in the facade of impossibility and inevitability that overlay our lives. And through those cracks, possibilities start to come up and ask to be born, and start linking with eachother, and that's a very powerful force.. and that's the force I live my life by..."

I myself keep wondering how to make my art and my life one;  Swoon obviously found her way which makes me want to start thinking less and start doing more... 

Listen to her speak here:

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