Friday, February 25, 2011

Bring Headdress Back

Sometimes I think I live in the wrong century - what happened to wigs, mantillas or hats (and by hats I don't mean just your winter bonnet no matter how cute it is)..  For example what's wrong with this mantilla:

Arabel Lebrusan, Mantilla, via HandEye
 I'll give you that the fact that it's made of silver might make it a bit difficult to wear but I think the look would be so worth the effort..

Mantilla detail
 For softer feel (and the dual purpose of keeping your head warm), what about those hats by Jean Paul Gaultier:

I can hear the pragmatists commenting on the difficulty of getting in the car or riding the subway so I'm looking into turbans.. I love that one but haven't figured out how to make it stand on your head yet, without giving you a headache so I'll keep working on it.


  1. Oh yes...I have hats like these just lying around...I just don't have much opportunity to wear them.

  2. I think you would look dashing with such hats in downtown wiscasset..


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