Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Henry Moore (English, 1898 - 1986) Textile Designs

This week, I'm trying to go back to doodling using pens and pencils instead of thread, and it hasn't been the easiest thing... This textile design by Henry Moore is a good reminder of how fun and playful it should be..

Caterpillar and Insect Wings, 1947 - Serigraphy in 3 colors on rayon, 330 x 650mm

These other two might be less playful yet they are very lose which I envy:

Four Heads, Half Figures and Animal, c. 1946 - Serigraphy in 7 colors on rayon 320 x 720mm

Figures and Symbols, Page from a Design Notebook, 1943 - 203 x 165mm
 See more of Henry Moore's textile designs in this book.


  1. I have such a hard time using pen and paper these days too. Hope you have some images to share soon of yours. I keep thinking I should do a doodle series ...

  2. Maybe we should think of a joint project...? It's been a bit of a struggle, rather intimidating actually - I didn't realize it had been a while since I drew anything..:)

  3. I just discovered your blog and am loving it... enchanting. Inspiring. Heart-breakingly gorgeous. I live in the northeast, and hope to see your work in person one day.

  4. Oh my, I'm honored! Thanks so much for your kind words, it's very nice for me to hear that it inspires some people other than me :)
    My studio is in Boston if you ever want to come visit! Thanks again and keep in touch.
    All best


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