Friday, February 4, 2011

Work in Progress: New Materials

I don't know what bee got into my bonnet because I've never been drawn that much to traditional weaving crafts, but last month I started thinking about creating "new" fabrics/materials out of the wide range of scraps I have in the studio...  So I built a small loom out of some canvas stretchers and started doing some small weavings. Here are the first 4 (each is about 6 x 8 in.):

#1 (misc fabric and paper scraps & wool yarn)

While I liked the results of using sheer materials, I thought it was a bit too flat and lacked texture.

#2 (misc fabric and lace scraps with wool yarn and string)


It probably is a terrible weaving by any weaving standard but I of course like the loose threads hanging and the irregularities...

#3 (dyed teabags)

For that one I used left over teabags I had dyed for my old teabag panels (2009).
It's my mini boro..

#4 (used teagags and teabag strings & tags)

I am now working on one that involves old lace and plastic bags.. Stay tuned!


  1. Now this is what I call interesting weaving!

  2. Sophie, these are GORGEOUS!! I especially love the blue teabag weaving. Now I understand exactly why it must have been hard seeing the Sheila Hicks show at the same time! Are they going to be up on your Etsy site anytime?

  3. EXCELLENT!!! LOVE that you added the tea bags!!!! I enjoy watching the process!

  4. Thank you all for the nice feedback..

  5. Good heavens these are beautiful! And so many....this winter is good for you! XO


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