Friday, September 9, 2011

Miscellaneous treats..

As I started toying with Tumblr and Pinterest in the past few weeks, I've barely had the time to check the my usual favorites, and boy did it feel refreshing to find so much good stuff out there! I am still debating if Tumbler & Pinterest are for me, since it has you browse through millions of images to find a few good ones, and time is so limited...

Anyhow, here are a few of my recent finds from some of the blogs I check regularly:

A beautiful blanket or textile photographed by Carline van Oel via the always inspiring blog Jokemijn

Which led me to discover Carline's blog, Pompoon, where I found pics of the new Mina Perhonen  collection which I wish I was wearing right now:

Via Alabama Chanin, I found this beautiful movie on the making of linen, which I have yet to finish watching...

BE LINEN MOVIE from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo.

Natalie wants to make one on cotton and I have no doubt she will.. because who wouldn't want her to make one when she can do this with cotton t-shirt material:

And by the way, on top of designing new collections, being a mom, making a third book, she's going through a serious detox to make her look even more fabulous.. (so what's a little film about cotton...)

Ok, that's really only a few but I have to get into the studio and do some work so have a good week end everyone


  1. And this lead me to this ... and then this ... oh it's SO easy to get lost on the internet and not work, isn't it?! Great photos, love that you are just as mesmerized as I with all the lovely things out there. I just wish we had the time to see them all!

  2. Way to easy to get lost out there for sure!
    We missed you at Lari's opening which was a smashing success! people loved her work and of course it looked totally amazing. So nice....

  3. Sophie you are the most wonderful friend and supporter a girl could have. It sure would have been fun to have had Kathryn there to share the fun. And this dress by Alabama make me want to understand Tumblr!


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