Friday, July 29, 2011

A different kind of beauty...

Today I'm picking up my 16 year old niece Marion

and my 13 year old nephew Hugo

who are coming to visit for two weeks. First time on their own (without their parents) and for Hugo, actually first time in the United States...  I feel I can say this because they aren't mine (i.e. I didn't make them - so that's no gloating..)  but:  aren't they gorgeous?!

I have no clue what it is like to take care of two teenagers but I'm sooooooo excited..  Trying to plan as many "American  things" to do as possible - and realizing that we actually don't do many of those things usually.. despite having been here for around 20 years (am I dating myself here?)..  Any suggestions (beside baseball...)?
Tried to fill up the fridge with American food too - I hear they eat!

Have a great week end everyone.


  1. As I live in the UK, my only recommendation is that you stock up with twice as much food as you think you might need. My nephews came to stay recently, and they can eat for Britain! Honestly, a month supply in five days! Have fun; they look wonderful.

  2. I think you're right - and twice as much might not do it... little piglets (not so little anymore..)

  3. More gorgeous than is possible! I agree with Julie...and they will probably change your diet a little bit too. How is Oops enjoying them? Love to all.

  4. arent they cute? but man.. they do eat and the more junkfood the better.. they like good food too but it's hard to pass hamburgers or ice cream stands without stopping.. and let me tell you, they dont worry about organic or fatm-raised..:)
    right now they r into shopping so tomorrow i'm off to the studio and they're on their own..xoxo


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