Friday, July 1, 2011

Catherine Willis Sculptures

I can't recall how I found out about the works of Catherine Willis but I love the lightness and spontaneity of her sculptures:

Maybe it's also because of the yellow and the swaddling which remind me of my work - remember those ?:

See more of Catherine's sculptures on her website.

I feel I've neglected this blog lately but I'm hoping to show why in the next couple of weeks - have been so busy making things...  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, happy happy 4th of July week end!


  1. Oh I love her work. I spent hours last year digging through her site when I first discovered her work. She is so free working in three dimensions.

  2. Her work is great! My favorite is the white hanging piece. Love those swaddles!

  3. I enjoy stopping by your blog so much because you show unusual work of other artists, such as the Willis sculptures, besides your own creations. Thanks for opening a window onto your world!
    best, nadia


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