Thursday, July 28, 2011

From Denim to Hyperventilation...

Ok, indigo lovers.. get ready to gasp... This Denim exhibition seems to die for:

All above work by Julie Floersch
Renilde De Peuter from At Swim Two Birds

Nigerian Adgaba (robe)

Cyanometer via Denim 

Need I say more? Visit the exhibition website here, it looks like they keep updating it with the artists in the show and that have great information about these Nigerian cloths.. It's at Mr Kitly in Brunswick, Australia - anyone has a private jet? I'm in.

Found through the delightful At Swim Two Birds blog (Renilde De Peuter's, who has a piece in that show).


  1. Wow! I saw this was coming up on Renilde's blog but hadn't seen pics yet! Julie Floersch's quilts are stunning! Must do a post on those! Trying to figure out how she got to do a Madewell commission, hmmm.

  2. Wow...I'm breathing into my brown paper bag!

  3. What amazing work. The Julie Floersch artwork is simply over the top.
    best, nadia


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