Monday, July 18, 2011

Louise Bourgeois - The Fabric Works - and the need to share the wealth..

This post has no pretense to be original as there is plenty on Louise Bourgeois' work all over the blogosphere, but I recently got the book "Louise Bourgeois - The Fabric Works" and it is SO good I have to share some of it... It is the catalog of the exhibition that started in Venice, then went to London and finally New York where it just closed a couple of weeks ago. Sadly I didn't get to see it but luckily the book is amazing...  It includes mostly her later work and some we hardly saw before the exhibition / catalog.  It was hard to pick from the images in the book and I tried to pick some that are maybe less shown:

Through the numerous reproductions you see how much she kept pushing her work further and further, especially with the swirly/spiral shapes and the fabric book compositions.  You can see how it evolved into these 3-dimensional doodles too:

If you like her work, I highly recommend the book. See more of her fabric book work too in on my older post here, or on Kathryn Clark's blog there, and on MyLoveforYou blog there (among tons of others...)  Sorry if it's a bit redundant but her work never ceases to inspire me.

Last but not least, a huge thanks to my friend Lari Washburn for a nice post on my work today: I'm really thankful for the continuous support.



  1. I must get this book! Thanks for the preview.

  2. hi there. i just found your work through lari's blog. your work is gorgeous! nice to find you here. and cheers to louise bourgeois and her pure genius. she makes me swoon.

  3. Katrina, Sophie, Lari ... we're full circle here! Small world! Thanks for the mention, Sophie :-) ... it was you who introduced this book to me! MUST HAVE THIS BOOK!! Drooling now over on the west coast!


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