Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alison Willoughby... where have I been?

I am sure some of you will relate to this: you always wear the same thing, you need a new wardrobe, you're ready to shop, you are willing to splurge, you actually go shopping, you look around...around... and around, and... you come back not only empty handed but bored to death... Then you feel like you've wasted a perfectly good couple of hours which you could have used to do something much more productive, or even better, CREATIVE...  Then you see British textile designer Alison Willougby's skirts and you want them ALL...

It doesn't matter that they are from a couple of seasons ago - you still want to wear them..  They are so refreshing and inspiring  that you want to make your own!

Well, guess what, you can still buy some of them there (if you do, I want to see it!).  She also has a book out that you can find here and gives you tips on how to alter used clothes into your own creations. On my end, I might just dive in and make one for meeself...

See more and read more about Alison on her website or her blog. I think she qualifies for my hero of the month...


  1. Wow, these are amazing! I've never heard of her. I love how she makes art out a utilitarian object. I bet these are pricey but worth it!

  2. aren't they fabulous??? I can't afford right now them but they are really worth the money considering the work involved! she inspired me to just get started again making my own stuff. She's so prolific!

  3. "Then you see British textile designer Alison Willougby's skirts and you want them ALL..."

    Girrrl, don't you though? I stumbled upon Ms. Willoughby's work via her book while visiting a local library. Eyegasm immediately! And, get this. . . I just found a copy of the book over at eBay for a little over $3.00. IT'S MINE!!!!!!!

    I can not wait to delve into these projects starting with the one with the ivory buttons. I can't get into the screen printing part, BUT with the beauty of the buttons who needs to? Lovely, lovely indeed!


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