Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kathryn Clark - Minimalist "Articraft"

While taking the amazing-and-totally-overwhelming Blogging your Way class with Holly at Decor 8  (which I highly recommend!), I had the privilege to meet so many talented, creative and multifaceted people... A separate blog could just be dedicated to them & I am sure the energy it would generate would power up the whole planet! Very, very humbling...

One of the artists in the class is Kathryn Clark, a San Francisco based fiber artist. A lot of her work seems to be derived from traditional weaving and quilting techniques but she has a very minimalit approach which makes you look at them in a different way. I really love her esthetic and the simplicity of her pieces:

Kathryn likes to collaborate with other artists (some of the above pieces are from her Side Stitch  collaboration) and talks about it on her blog which you can visit here.  I can't wait to see the finished sketchbook that she's doing for The Sketchbook Project in which she'll include tiny weavings like this one:

Can you imagine a little book of those?? I already want to touch it..

She has a very inspiring blog  in which she focuses on "Articraft (...) artists who use craft and craftspeople who make art".  What's not to love about that...


  1. Thanks for talking about my work, Sophie! Very sweet of you!

  2. I enjoyed doing it, your work is great!

  3. came across this wonderful work (trying to write a paper....) really like the simple, clean designs...always admire saying something so wonderful with so little (I tend to overdo!)
    Also doing the Sketchbook Project through Studio 455, Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, WI!!!
    small, small art world!!!! Lynnea


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