Friday, October 15, 2010

Ruth Asawa (San Francisco, b. 1926)

Another amazing artist I often turned to get re-inspired.. Even though I feel a bit "in between" right now with my art making, I always have the urge to make something, to create. That might explain why this excerpt fom  The Sculpture of Ruth Asawa - Contours in the Air resonates in me: 

"I have made doing art part of my life. Art is doing. There is either doing or talking about it. Art deals direclty with life. After it is done, someone comes along to write about it; then someone comes along to exhibit it [...]. The only step that is truly real is the first step. The making of the object. This is the step that children should be involved with completely. This involvement helps them to learn their capabilities and limitations. It is learning by making."  Ruth Asawa, 1970.

You can see more of Asawa's work in the book, including some of her fantastic early drawings such as those:


  1. Amazing... I need to make more, talk less!!

  2. amazing! it is so organic and interesting.

  3. I love Ruth's work! I first discovered it by almost walking into one of her pieces at the de Young in SF! The photo with the concrete wall might have been taken right where I was walking. I was amazed to watch all these people walking by them unnoticed while I was completely mesmerized by the pieces and their shadows. So beautiful!

  4. I'm dying to see that permanent installation at the DeYoung, I hear it's a full room right? yummm!!! she still lives in SF I think, you might be able to meet her?


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