Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend in NYC


Just came back from NYC where we had a great time just wandering around, taking in the diversity, creativity and energy that comes with all of that.. I was so in need of a fix!

I'll post later this week about the great Richter drawings we saw at the Drawing Center as well as the amazing Arts of Oceania Gallery at the Met.. 

In the meantime, a few random pictures of our walks..

We ran into the Levi's Photo Workshop, a temporary public space that offers a professional-grade production studio, vintage camera rental, digital design stations, exciting printing equipment, etc to the community.  The space and equipment looked amazing, and all seemed fun and accessible.

I'll spare you the picture we took of us.. they looked horrible despite two attempts to get better shots...

Necessary stop in Little Italy for sweets..


Big Bambu installation on the Met rooftop 

Not sure how it all holds (they use these strings to tie the bamboo together) but there must be some big brain engineering behind it all..


  1. My friend was in NY over the weekend too and was so excited to go to the Richter exhibit. I wonder if you two crossed paths! The bamboo piece is by Mike and Doug Starn, right? It was featured in the latest Sculpture magazine. It looks wonderful!

  2. The Richter show was truly beautiful - we got the catalog so I'll post some images soon. Big Bambu is indeed by the Starn brothers. Pretty impressive, it looks like a drawing too, no?


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